Third-year Phillips Academy Andover high school pupil and writer of ‘The Boarding College Survival Guide’ (Peterson’s 2014) Justin Muchnick is researching submissions to award only two $1, 000 boarding classes scholarships available to future or current boarding institution students. ‘The Boarding Institution Survival Guide’ written by learners for students comes with chapters written by current or even recently graduated boarding class students coming from over twenty-five boarding universities across the America. The publication has been good received by student as well as parent readers who are enthusiastic about learning firsthand about the boarding school world from those who have lived this.

Muchnick includes learned by experience that will attending boarding school it isn’t just a advantage, but also financial burden on many families with small children seeking some residential helpful high school. Muchnick says, ‘Not only is boarding class tuition just like attending a non-public college, still factor in traveling expenses, accommodations, car rentals, textbooks, and so on, and in many cases with grants and grants, the project can cost a lot. I wanted to offer you my assist in some way, so I am awarding two $1, 000 scholarships and grants to pay the idea forward. ‘ Full information on the scholarship or grant can be found at this point under the ‘Scholarship’ tab.

Scholarship Matchup Submission Recommendations

Prompt : Please generate an essay of about 400 words delivering your thoughts on why you need to attend boarding school (your reasons, tendencies, discoveries, etc . ). Additionally, please home address why this scholarship will be helpful to one in your boarding school process and outing or why you feel that you are a worthwhile recipient. Feel free to write about personal testimonies, too.

Be sure to email your current submission together with the subject venturing ‘Scholarship’ to help Justin Muchnick at: boardingschoolsurvival@gmail. com

Deadline: Summer 30, 2015 . Winning trades will be introduced and got into contact with during the summer months of 2015 to receive your company scholarship accolade. The scholarship or grant will be paid out directly to your boarding institution (or foreseeable future boarding school) to be set aside to defray the cost of teaching. All syndication become the building of Justin Muchnick, together with any percentage of your submissions may be published in the future from a book by means of Justin Muchnick or executed media store when launching the create winners.


Recently the latest book premiered by the New York Times op-ed columnist Honest Bruni: In which Go Is Not Who You may: An Antidote to the School Admissions Odio . As you can imagine, it’s rather the marked by controversy topic, mainly among Flowers League educational facilities, current college students and alumni.

Of course , We (and numerous other college counselors) are actually saying this kind of for years: Does this amazing timepiece Matter To Go To University? Mr. Bruni just input it down on document and in some sort of best-selling book. Parents together with students are generally resonating which consists of message. So why? Students and fogeys are filled utilizing stress, strain, and aggravation over the faculty prep process test cooking, essays, higher education choice, school funding decisions plus more. We are weary of our learners putting almost all their future goals of being successful on a college name or perhaps reputation.

Read some of the evaluations of the book:

‘For students, moms and dads, teachers, and everybody else troubled during the faculty admissions process, Frank Bruni offers an spectacular resource. To Go Is not really Who You may is a challenging look at how a system works-and a fresh, reassuring reminder involving what seriously matters on the college encounter. ‘
-Gretchen Rubin, best seling author associated with The Enjoyment Project and Happier at Home

‘The deduction that learning ability can be assessed, that success is usually predicted, and the combination of the 2 main creates joy is appropriately exploded within this sharply recognized and profoundly felt ebook. In deconstructing the college university admissions process, essay pro reviews Frank Bruni presents the folly by which enfranchised people evaluate their own lifestyles. He speaks with a words of important sanity. ‘
-Andrew Solomon, National Publication Award-winning novelist of Far From the Tree: Parents, Little ones and the Look up Identity

‘Frank Bruni shows the perfect training course correction for individuals and parents exactly who get drew into the college or university admissions rage. I should discover. I was at least one. ‘
-Katie Couric

‘Frank Bruni has a basic message for your freaked-out kids of The us. Calm down. Where you go to university matters considerably, far less than you do as soon as you get there (and afterward). The person urges people to look outside the usual suspects and find a school that’s going to provide you with something a lot more useful than a window terme conseillé. His sharp, well-researched publication should be requested reading for everybody caught up within the college-admissions game. ‘
-William Deresiewicz, best-selling author associated with E xcellent Lamb: The Miseducation of the National Elite along with The Way to your Meaningful Existence

‘For families caught up for college-application madness, this arrange provides a much-needed tonic. Through-out us, it’s actual an inspiring use a wiser, saner approach to North american higher education. ‘
-Paul Serious, bestselling article writer of The way Children Have great results: Grit, Fascination, and the Buried Power of Character

‘Your worthwhile is not determined by the or even you visited. Or, to paraphrase, ‘Where You Go is Not Who all You’ll Be. ‘ Alleluia. Be the exact rule every pupil and parent or guardian must pay attention to as they get around the stressful college tickets process. I am just doing it for the fourth as well as this excellent writer’s new e book could not have fallen at a better time for us. As Fluent Bruni skillfully demonstrates, your company worth will probably be your worth and it’s really yours to generate wherever you are. ‘
-Maria Shriver

Read this quote from Flip Bruni’s customer post within the College Option:

… What we need to do in that country can be change the concentrate of the the discussion via where you go to college to help how you use college . In what instructions do you need to expand? In what solutions does your frame of reference need extending? If young children were coached to worry about this, and not within the college company name splashed surrounding the sweatshirts most are wearing, they would be better for it. All of us would.

Accomplish yourself (and your teens) a favour focus on the training, the experience, plus the joy on the college hunt. Years later on, it really is not going to matter everywhere they gained their stage.


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